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Concerts Galore

The final months of 2019 have been busy! On 8th September, BMCB performed a Concert of Solemn and Sacred Music at St Finbar’s Catholic Church, joined by our guests Stringy Bach Chamber Ensemble. The beautiful acoustics of this space were complemented by the visual splendour of St Finbar’s new Window. On 13th October we were …

ABODA NSW Conductor’s Award

We knew he was good but ABODA has just confirmed it by making our conductor Garry Clark the 2019 joint recipient of the ABODA NSW Conductor’s Award at the Australian School Band and Orchestra Festival this month. Congratulations, Garry!

Journey Through Time: 500 Years of Music

Our annual concert went off with a bang last night as we went on a whirlwind tour of 500 years of Western art music – from Susato in the 1500s to some quirky Prokofiev from the 20th century, and every musical era in between! Thanks to Voila! Blue Mountains French Choir for bringing some joie …


Once again, the Blue Mountains Concert Band and the Mountains youth band combined to provide the music for the dawn service and the morning service. Lest we forget.

Remembrance Day Centenary 2018

Blue Mountains Concert Band and Mountains Youth Band combined this morning to perform for the Remembrance Day Centenary event at Penrith Paceway, entertaining visitors prior to the 11am Service.

Glenbrook Spring Festival

It was a wonderful morning to play at Glenbrook Park at the Spring Festival! With such good weather there were a lot of people around appreciating the fine music.  

History of the Band added

The section regarding the history of the Band groups has been added.


Hello everyone to the new Blue Mountains Concert Band website. This will be a work in progress for a while, so keep checking back. If you have any comments or suggestions for the website, let us know. Check out the events page for all the upcoming rehearsals and concerts. There is a blog page for …