BMCB Skeleton Track Initiative

BMCB Skeleton Track Initiative

To keep our band united and engaged during lockdown, BMCB has developed a “Skeleton Track” initiative to replace group rehearsals. A skeleton track is an audio file which combines MIDI sound and live recording to produce a rehearsal guide which other instrumentalists can play along with. For example, our skeleton track for “Latin Gold!” (arranged by Paul Lavender) combines a MIDI percussion track with recordings of the 1st clarinet, 2nd alto saxophone and the bass clarinet parts.

Each week, a different section of our repertoire comes under focus. Band members have the option to simply play along with their parts at home, or to record their parts on whatever device they have available, to be added to the mix. Once all recorded parts are received, the file is remixed and shared back to the participants.

Hearing the “skeleton” of a piece of music can contextualise a musician’s own part – especially in relation to those complex Latin rhythms! and recording yourself playing is sure way to sharpen the attention given to articulation, rhythm and tuning. We’re not doing this for the YouTube likes, but as a practical way to hone our skills and work together.

Banding on, BMCB!

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