New Member FAQs

When and where are rehearsals?

Rehearsals are held in Glenbrook on Tuesday evenings during school term.

Youth Band: Arrive at 5:00pm for a 5:15pm - 6:50pm rehearsal.

Adult Band: Arrive at 7:15pm for a 7:30pm - 9:15pm rehearsal.

St Andrews Uniting Church, Park St and Lucasville Rd, Glenbrook.

New members are always welcome.  Contact us for more information or if you would like to join our community.

Are there performance opportunities?

Both of the bands have the opportunity to play a variety of performances throughout the year.

One of the charters of Blue Mountains Concert Band Inc is to perform at civic events and our presence is greatly appreciated by the community.  The combined bands regularly perform at the Glenbrook/Blaxland RSL Sub-branch Anzac Day ceremonies, Glenbrook Carols in the Park as well as a variety of school fetes and community festivals.

The bands perform a set concert each year where we can perform the full range of our repertoire.  Recent concerts include 'Rejoice' in 2022, and 'Journey Through Time' in 2019.  Read through the News section for more concerts. 

In some years, the bands may compete in the state and national competitions which may involve some travel commitments for those participating.  In the past, the Mountains Youth Band has been very successful in this arena.

What instruments are in the band?

A concert band is made up of:

How big is the band?

The number of players in each of the bands is constantly changing.  As long as there is a good balance of instruments, we could perform with as few as a dozen players or as many as fifty or sixty.  In reality, each band's membership always sits comfortably within that range, so we can easily accommodate new members joining the band in any section.

Who can join?

What experience do I need?

We encourage players of any level of experience beyond the beginner stage.  This means that you will need to be able to read music and know how to play your instrument.

How old do I need to be?

The adult band consists of a broad range of ages and abilities.  There are amateurs taking up a new instrument, right through to professional musicians.  There are young members who still play in the youth band, and nonagenarians!  Take a look at Destination Music to read some of their stories.

The youth band is made up of primary students, high school students, and young adults who also mentor our younger members.  Take a look at our Mentors in Music program for mentoring details.

How do I join?

We welcome new members to join the band at any of our weekly rehearsals.  There is no need to wait for the start of year or term.  You might like to play with us for a few weeks before officially joining as a fee-paying member.

Please contact the band administrator so that they can prepare music for you when you first arrive and introduce you .

Do I need to audition to get into the band?

No. As long as you can read music and play an instrument at a beginner level, you're very welcome to join our band.

As a guideline, we suggest new players focus on the first note in each bar as well as the last bar of each piece.  You will quickly grow from there.

How much does band membership cost?

Band fees are currently $88 per term.  Additional family members pay $50 per term.  There is a one-off fee for our band shirt uniform which varies between $25 and $50.

We are a not-for-profit community group, so we only charge enough to cover our costs.  The BMCB Inc committee are all unpaid volunteers - passionate about bringing music opportunities to the community.

If you are suffering from financial hardship, please contact your band administrator to discuss options.

Can I get a trial membership?

Absolutely.  Talk to a band administrator and come along to a rehearsal or two before officially joining as a fee-paying member.

What music do you play?

The bands' repertoire changes from term to term and comprised of a balance of works covering a variety of musical styles and difficulty levels.  We play original wind compositions, concert marches, transcriptions of orchestral arrangements, and a lot of popular music - especially from TV and movie soundtracks.

Each term, around 20 to 30 pieces are selected to fit our performance opportunities as well as the abilities of our players.  The current playlists can be found on the members page.

What do I need to bring to band rehearsal?

The most important thing to bring is your instrument, of course!  We also recommend you bring a pencil to mark your music and a water bottle to stay hydrated.  You will be given music at your first rehearsal, but we ask that you purchase a black display book for organising your music.

Is there a break for food?

Blue Mountains Concert Band (adult band) have a "supper break" at around 8:30pm for tea, coffee, and maybe a Tim-Tam or homemade snack.  A supper roster runs for volunteers to provide the snacks, and it is a great time to meet other band members and have a good chat.

Mountains Youth Band do not have a food break, however, there are occasional pizza nights (often fundraisers) where the band finishes early to munch and mingle.

What does it mean to be a community band?

Blue Mountains Concert Band Inc. is run by a committee of volunteers, usually made from members of the band.  The committee president oversees the organisation as a whole, the committee secretary performs the general administration, the treasurer manages the organisation's finances, each band has an administrator who oversees the running of that band, and there are a variety of other roles to assist with fundraising and concert planning.  The only paid role is our wonderful musical director/conductor Garry Clark.

If you are interested in joining the committee, please speak to your band administrator, or any other committee member.

Does BMCB Inc. need to hold fundraisers?

Yes.  Our membership fees are kept as low as possible to cover our running costs.  We need to hold fundraisers to enable the bands to engage in more activities and purchase new and exciting music.

In the past we have sold chocolate boxes, held pizza parties, and sought sponsorship from local businesses.

If you are interested in supporting the band, either through donations, sponsorship or fundraising, please contact a band administrator.

How can I donate to the band?

The Blue Mountains Concert Band Public Fund is a tax-deductible fund listed on the Australian Government’s Register of Cultural Organisations maintained under subdivision 30-8 of the Income Tax Assessment Act of 1997.  More information about making a tax-deductible donation can be found on the Donate page of this site.

Is the band available for hire?

Yes.  Please contact us if you are interested in hiring one of our bands to perform at your function.  As we are a community band with many players, please ensure you leave plenty of time for planning to avoid disappointment.  A concert band is most suitable for functions such as community fetes and festivals.

Can you recommend local music teachers?

Sure!  Get in contact with the Mountains Youth Band administrator with your specific needs and we can lead you in the direction of popular local tutors.

Mountains Youth Band FAQ

The above FAQs relate to both band, but there are some questions specific to the Mountains Youth Band.

Does a parent/guardian need to stay during rehearsal?

No, but you are most welcome!  There are seats available in the rehearsal hall and parents of our younger members often choose to stay and watch.  As a community organisation, we rely on volunteers and strongly encourage parents to get involved with the band.  There is no obligation to volunteer, but the MYB family community is very friendly and welcoming.

Is my child safe?

All adults facilitating MYB rehearsals are required to hold a Working With Children Check.  Young people are never left alone with an adult and adults will never contact young people privately.  Blue Mountains Concert Band Inc has developed a 'Member Protection Policy' and a 'Working with Vulnerable Persons' policy which is strongly adhered to, and reviewed regularly.

What do I do if i have a concern?

If you are having a problem with something relating to one of the bands, the committee, or the incorporation, please reach out to your band administrator, the secretary, or president.