Journey Through Time

500 Years of Music

Journey Through Time : 500 Years of Music was performed at the Springwood Hub in June, 2019.  It combined Blue Mountains Concert Band, Mountains Youth Band and Blue Mountains French Choir.

Our 2019 annual concert went off with a bang last night as we went on a whirlwind tour of 500 years of Western art music – from Susato in the 1500s to some quirky Prokofiev from the 20th century, and every musical era in between!

Thanks to Voila! Blue Mountains French Choir for bringing some joie de vivre in that inimical French style.

Thanks also to our wonderful soloists – Josh, Emma, Hannah, Rebekah, and Matthew Dennett on accordion, not to mention our impressive complement of flute players. A great night of music, fun and sleigh bells!